GBWhatsApp APK Download 2023🔥 (Anti-Ban)

GBWhatsApp APK Download

WhatsApp can help you to share a lot more than it currently does. Would You like to know how? The latest GB whatsapp APK Mod has some extra features that you can download and install from this page. The developers have understood the needs of current users and have come up with a New exciting features like hiding double ticks, copying online status and using two different WhatsApp accounts in one device.


GB WhatsApp APK Download

App Name GB WhatsApp
Version v19.12
Total Downloads 55,000,000+
Size 52.8 MB
Requirement Android 7.0 and higher
Last Updated January 23rd 2022

GB Whatsapp APK

The best part about using GBwhatsapp APK is that you get all the features completely free of cost and there are no hidden payments that come along with it. you must try the amazing application at any cost. Here we have a complete guide that gives you the details about the features, download process, and installation steps of the WhatsApp alternative app.

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What do we get to know when we come across the term GBwhatsapp apk?

You might come across plenty of mods available online but GBwhatsapp APK has those extra features that none of the applications can deliver. The impressively customised Mod comes with a multitude of booster functions to give you a better User experience. It has a much better set of features than other modes like OG WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp web . You would love to discover the attributes present in the amazing application everyday.

GB WhatsApp Download






Discover the new interesting features of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp application 2021 is designed with a new set of features that you can use on smartphone and PC as well. With the increasing demand of WhatsApp all over the world, there have to be some extra features to make the world happier.

  • Auto reply- you can immediately reply to received text messages without needing to type it specifically on that moment. This keeps your friends and business personals satisfied.
  • Sharing live location – not only the original WhatsApp but the modded application also allows you to share live location. It helps friends and companions to know where you are . As an additional feature of the application, you can take the live location so that nobody is able to get after you all the time.
  • Dnd – when you are not willing to attend WhatsApp messages, activating DND mode would help you to stay away from any unwanted popup. It does not need you to disconnect the internet for not using WhatsApp.
  • Vivid themes – the modified gbwhatsapp has amazing things that you can apply to your phone anytime. Download your favourite colours and Designs online and customise the background appearance according to what you like.

More Features of GBWhatsApp APK

  • broadcasting text message- always send broadcast text messages to any number of people by using the exemplary mod.
  • Amazing user effects – apart from sending pictures of any size, GBwhatsapp APK allows you to forward photos and videos to your friends and loved ones with some extra effects.
  • Send unlimited pictures- did you just hate the limit imposed by the original WhatsApp? Check out the endless multimedia sending features in WhatsApp. you can forward clips of upto 50mb.
  • Amazing font – if you just do not adore the old existing font in your WhatsApp, the apk lets you customise that very easily for an enjoyable chatting experience.
  • Hiding status – you can hide away voice recording and typing status that nobody keeps phone tracking you online.
  • Best image quality- GB WhatsApp allows you to send pictures of the best presentation without compressing them. The original WhatsApp unnecessarily removes the HD quality of the picture to reduce its size. Luckily WhatsApp Mod doesn’t do any such thing.
  • notification popup- the application lets you receive notification in case someone in your contact list appears online or changes their profile picture .

Step by step guide to download and install GBwhatsapp APK

The download steps for GBwhatsapp APK have been specifically introduced to clarify the doubts and hidden questions for the users. Here we have given a step by step procedure that can easily help you to install the application and enjoy everything it has in the best possible way.

Prerequisite for downloading GBwhatsapp APK

  1. Storage space

It is very nice to have sufficient space in your device while downloading the APK Mod. the overall size of the application expands after the installation. Make sure that you have some extra space than the actual size of the application.

2. allowing unknown resources

Allow download from unknown resources by making the relevant settings in the tab of your device. Without choosing this particular application, it is very difficult to manage installation from third party resources.

3. download option

Choosing the download option is the next best step that you can prefer after enabling unknown resources.  right after you are Taken to the page where the application exists, do not delay in pressing the download option.

4. installation

Let the installation take place so that you can begin using the application in order to enjoy the features it has.

5. Launch

You must launch the application so as to know how it looks and the way it has to be configured.  launching the application refers to completion of the download process as a whole.

6. Login

You can enjoy the amazing features with the login procedure. Configure the application by providing your details and quickly start using it.

How to download GBwhatsapp apk for iPhone?

Many people are not aware of the fact that you can download GBwhatsapp APK in iOS as well. The process is very easy and it would give a sigh of relief to millions of users. The download process for iOS gadget is included in the step by step guide   –

  • Visit the browser site with the help of an iOS device and click on the download link provided for Apple devices.
  • Launch the file for installation
  • Let the process complete and patiently wait for a couple of seconds.
  • Eventually create a new account in the WhatsApp APK for iOS.
  • Enjoy the application having a multitude of extra features in your Apple device.

How do we acquire a genuine version of GBWhatsApp ?

If you are planning to have the legitimate GBwhatsapp APK, just press the link available on our page and that will let you have a working application for your device. Follow the download and installation process we have included on this page and you will never go wrong with anything at all.

What about privacy control features?

While downloading the modded version of any application, the first question that arises in the mind is regarding the user privacy. To keep everything going well, the third-party developers have paid special attention to the personal privacy choices. There is nothing that can harm you during and after installation of the application. Moreover you can customise the application to receive better privacy apart from just security.

How do we install an update for GBwhatsapp?

You can easily install the update of the application by visiting our page from time to time. It is very easy to download the APK on your mobile phone to make sure that it performs optimally.

  • Using the browser of your mobile phone , move towards the security settings and ensure that you have already allowed download from unknown resources. Eventually, installation from the third party source will take place and that will update the application.
  • Download the latest GBwhatsapp APK online and you will be able to make the best possible use of the storage space available in your gadget.
  • Launch APK and let the installation take place with the onscreen instructions.
  • Provide your name and details to start using the current version of GBwhatsapp.

There is no other app like GBwhatsapp”

Would not be wrong to say that GBwhatsapp’s latest version attributes much more than the rest of all the modes available online. This particular program has an assistive menu and chat display that gives an aesthetic and pleasurable experience all together.

Even when it comes to sending out big size files, there is absolutely nothing wrong in using GBwhatsapp APK that comes with no specific limitations. It supports files of all sizes and formats without any problems.

How to take a backup in GBwhatsapp APK?

It is very easy to take up backup as long as you follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Launch the APK and choose settings followed by chat backup.
  • Choose the backup and save the the copy of the message along with the associated media

 More details on GB WhatsApp APK mod.

As we already know , GB WhatsApp allows the use of two different WhatsApp on one Android gadget. As long as you have two sims in one phone, this is an application that helps to keep a complete distance between your personal and professional life.

It is not because of an ordinary way of working that has resulted in GBwhatsapp APK to win the hearts of millions. GBwhatsapp APK comes with a couple of modified features that does not result in any question mark upon its security and workability. The modified version of the application has indeed fixed a lot of issues that the original application had. The interface works pretty well and offers workability better than the original WhatsApp.

Hide online status to retain peace of mind

It is quite irritating when people find you online even when you are not actually using the application. The original WhatsApp shows your status online as long as you’re connected with the internet. GBwhatsapp apk on the other hand lets you overcome the situation of keeping you offline no matter what.

GBwhatsapp APK is a perfect solution for all those who wish to make a very strategic use of WhatsApp.

More user-friendlines

GB whatsapp APK is a completely independent application with a superior set of features than the original version. You can easily enjoy installing the application on any Android device without needing to root it. Just verify your mobile number as the next step and start using the modded application along with the original one.


What do we need to install the GBwhatsapp APK application?

You specifically need Android 4.0 and above in order to download the application on your device. Also, there is a very precise need for a working internet connection.

Is the process of downloading and installing GBwhatsapp APK complicated?

The process would have been complicated but once you have landed on our website, everything is pretty simplified for you. There is a step-by-step guide along with a genuine link available on the stage. Everything is made super duper easy for the users who want to acquire GBwhatsapp APK latest version 2021.

How far is it face and illegal to download the modded WhatsApp?

 Here on this page we have made sure that the application works legitimately and does not give you any glitches. A Working link that is free from viruses and malware is also provided. It made it very easy to download the application.

Download and install GBwhatsapp APK 2021 for Android today

GBwhatsapp APK can give you an amazing overall experience in comparison to any other mods. The link available on this page is the best source for installing such an application. It helps you to get connected with millions of users by gradually navigating from the old school SMS and Original Whatsapp messenger. Apart from the regular features of WhatsApp, GB whatsapp APK gives you something extra at no cost. It is available in almost every country of the world and works flawlessly everywhere.

Final words

Hopefully by now you have understood all the important points related with GB whatsapp APK. The application Delivers ideal security and provides best communication services to almost all the operating systems. It is no doubt better than the official WhatsApp because of the constant updates and better way of working.