AZWhatsapp v10.90 APK Download in 2024 (Latest Version)

The salient features of WhatsApp are enhanced manifold with the launch of Azwhatsapp APK.

In this article we are going to discuss how far downloading the application is beneficial and in what way should it be used.

The end-to-end encryption has been added as part of the original WhatsApp. It keeps the original conversations completely private and never leaks them as a privacy policy.

Somehow, Az whatsapp APK comes with modified features that can let you have an even better User experience.

AZWhatsapp APK Information:

Filename:AZWhatsapp APK
Download File Size:45.6 MB
Supported devices:All Android Versions from 8.0+
Last Updated15 Hours Ago

Features of AZWhatsapp:

Az whatsapp has all the features of the original WhatsApp but with a better User experience.

There are some extra additions to ensure that every user is able to get the supreme benefits of installing this app. Some of the latest Az whatsapp features are as:-

  • Do not disturb

If you do not want anybody to disturb you during a particular time period, just disconnect your internet connection, nobody will be able to Hinder your peace during those moments.

  • anti Delete messages

The latest WhatsApp APK download allows the users to delete messages and one can have a glimpse of the actual message that was sent by the user.

  • AppLock

You can completely lock the application so that nobody is able to access it without your permission.

  • Customisation

Customise things in the application that includes background, navigation bar, status bar and app icon.

  • Anti- Ban

The application works in a legal way and it will never gets eradicated by the original WhatsApp developers. You will be able to continue using application forever and ever.

  • translations and languages

WhatsApp is currently available in more than 15 languages and you can choose the particular language to translate messages.

  • Secured chat

There is no question for anybody to read your chat with the password set for the application. Az whatsapp does not allow anybody to access the conversations.

  • More privacy

You can set a desired function of status, double click and text so as to keep everything confidential .

  • more and better themes

The all new themes in the application are unique in nature and available in plenty. You can choose amongst 3,000 unique themes.

How to install Az whatsapp APK in step by step-

It should be noted that Az whatsapp is the replica of the Original Whatsapp and it is not available on the Google Play Store.

You need to install the application from the third party by following the below-mentioned steps absolutely carefully –

  • Pick up your mobile phone and open the security settings option to enable downloads from the unknown resource.
  • Install the application from the given link on this page. It will be available over the Internet.
  • Let the installation take place and wait for a couple of moments for the process to complete.
  • You must provide the phone number for completing the verification process.

Downloading the application is very imperative in order to enjoy the present features. The exciting way of using Whatsapp can be easy to Grab if you follow our detailed guide.

Have a look at the steps we have included on this page and you will be able to see the features actually work.

Az whatsapp APK is one of the most reliable modes that have ever been invented for WhatsApp. Gone are the times when you had to abide by the Limited number of available features in the application.

The latest Mod now helps you to have something extra at no cost. There are numerous features that the all-new modern and sparkling WhatsApp has for you.

It has a cool new way of working and updated content so that nothing is difficult.

The instructions we have already mentioned on this page and you will be able to install the app very conveniently.

Installation Guide for Android smartphone

You will be able to install the application without any issues. There are no questions of losing your message history and any other details after installing the app that works superfluously.

  • Take A complete chat backup from the official WhatsApp and visit the settings for that matter.
  • Remove the original WhatsApp from your device and install Az whatsapp APK after enabling the unknown resources.
  • Launch the application and choose to click on continue and agree option.
  • Provide your mobile number and keep a copy of the WhatsApp date.
  • Provide the OTP that you receive in your smartphone.

What is the Anti Ban Feature Present in Az Whatsapp APK?

All of us love to have the modded version of the original applications and here is AZWhatsapp that is developed by Ali Al-zabi.

The latest version works without any obstructions and doesn’t need any technical skills to use it. the users should also know that Az whatsapp doesn’t require rooting the phone.

It has an exceptional way of working so that nobody is able to compromise the User experience.

The users can completely enjoy a number of beautiful features that have been clearly highlighted in this article. We would like to mention the primary ones here-

  1. Install the application at a single go with the help of the link we have mentioned on this page. Do not root your phone as it is not needed.
  2. Hide away the last seen, blue ticks and a second ticks according to your sweet will.
  3.  schedule the messages and make sure that you have an active internet connection to use this feature.
  4. Get insights of the group message and enjoy Autoreply

Download Az Whatsapp APK v10.90 Official Latest Version

WhatsApp mods have always been the favourite of people who want something out of the league.

When the original application is unable to satisfy you up to the core, there is az whatsapp APK that works a million times better.

The features and the customisations are meant to help every single user to feel better.

Not only we have included the description of the amazing application on this page but have also made sure that you have the correct download links so that installation of the genuine application becomes possible.

WhatsApp alternatives like WhatsApp plus , FM WhatsApp, n s WhatsApp and fouad WhatsApp have been existing since quite before but have not been able to make users happy. Somehow, the recent mod in the form of Az whatsapp APK has many better features and a more impressive way of working. You will definitely be able to enjoy the APK more enthusiastically.

Earlier, the major problem that was present with WhatsApp Mod was the banning part. People used to download the WhatsApp Mod application and after using it for a couple of days, the original WhatsApp used it to ban it.

The situation further created a threat on the user data because the original as well as the modded WhatsApp would not open for several days.

Somehow, The all-new Az whatsapp APK comes with an anti-Ban update that allows users to keep using the application forever and ever.

You will be able to take a backup of the previous chats by storing them in the cloud and erase the original WhatsApp very conveniently.

Latest highlights off Azwhatsapp APK

Enjoy the many features of Azwhatsapp APK in comparison to the original WhatsApp and never go back. Hide your last seen and Auto reply to the discussions in lack of time. Schedule messages so that you can greet people on time without needing to wake up late at night.

The users are definitely going to enjoy the WhatsApp Mod this time. with the live conference call , video conversion features, text message improvement, bugfix activated stickers and when someone tags you.

Download the latest Az Whatsapp APK mod

Installing the application is a very straightforward procedure and it doesn’t needs any complicated steps to be followed. Any failure in taking a backup of the previous messages will result in losing all the important text.


Whats is the other alternative apps of AZ Whatsapp?

As an alternative, there are many WhatsApp mods in the market, like GB Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp, AG Whatsapp, etc.

 How to download and install Az whatsapp latest version?

In order to download and install the latest Azwhatsapp APK, you can download it from our website.

Final Word:

The explicit features available in the application enhance the User experience. You can lock the application and protect all the chats from anybody to see it.

There are beautiful themes and fonts that appear excellent and completely change the way your old chatting experience has been.

with better privacy protection and quality features, Azwhatsapp APK is an extraordinary application that you should try without feeling apprehended.

It is all about robust performance and some beautiful working methods that help you to stay entertained and far ahead of all the users.

Get complete authority to customize your chatting experience with the all new themes and the beautiful chat interface.

Amaze your relatives and friends with the uniqueness of the application that never existed before. The mod is excellent and pretty amiable over other versions of mods.

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