HM Whatsapp v7.0 APK Download Latest Updated (Official)

Your favorite communication application has been rebranded to give you a better experience. To date, HM WhatsApp was specifically popular in Turkey and eventually, it obtained a lot of popularity in other countries as well.

No doubt WhatsApp has several mods and HM WhatsApp APK is one of the most genuine options you can choose.

HM Whatsapp APK Information:

Download File Size:41.3 MB
Space Required to Install:55 MB
Supported devices:All Android Versions from 8.0+
Last Updated15 Hours Ago

How to download the amazing HM Whatsapp Apk

It is very easy to install and download the application from the available links. You just have to enable the settings from the unknown resources and that will assure you for the application through and through.

Once the task is completed, you will be expected to provide the mobile number to receive 6 digit OTP. It is possible to enjoy the customary features of the application after the complete installation takes place.

On this page, we have the latest download link that genuinely works so that you can have the application installed.

Features of HM WhatsApp APK

Since there are already plenty of applications already existing, HM WhatsApp APK further enhances the level of confusion.

There are plenty of extra features and customization available in this specific version. Here is what makes the HM WhatsApp all the more favorite of mod lovers-

Customization features

The modded APK has all features which the original application might lack. You can easily change the overall theme color of the application and also manage the appearance of the setting. There is a separate theme store that you can choose according to your liking.

HM WhatsApp APK is much better in terms of customization and performance. There are options to change the fonts and manage the appearance of the blue ticks. The application goes far beyond just impressing the users. It has everything that makes people go crazy.

Better privacy support

Everybody wants to stay secure and away from Hassles. The all-new latest mode can completely restrict whom you call and the numbers that have to be avoided. HM WhatsApp APK delivers Some excellent privacy features that cover the following:-

  1. Hide away read recipients
  2. You can hide your name in the HM WhatsApp APK
  3. You can keep your status online even when you are offline
  4. Setting alerts when contact change profile pictures
  5. Hiding last seen for specific WhatsApp contact


Regular WhatsApp puts a limit that you cannot share more than 16 MB or 30 images at a time. In contrast, the modded WhatsApp allows you to send more than 60 images and files larger than 700mb at once.

HM WhatsApp is the option when you need to send large-size audio files and images to your contacts. It is one of the best options for downloading status and sharing videos of up to 50 MB.

The regular WhatsApp just allows you to upload a status of 30 seconds whereas the modded WhatsApp increases the duration up to 7 min.

Other WhatsApp Mod features

HMwhatsapp APK allows you to retrieve chats and status media in case the sender deletes them. You can always use the old previous chats as evidence in the future as well.

In the case of regular WhatsApp, you cannot share high-resolution images and compression was necessary.

The modded WhatsApp allows you to send a full-resolution image by making some settings. The extra features available in the modded version is very essential to enhance the User experience.

Step-by-step guide to install HMwhatsapp APK-

  • Remove the existing version of WhatsApp and download the APK file from the available link
  • Identify the file in the download folders of your device and click it twice to open it.
  • Mobile number and receive one-time OTP
  • Set up a password and provide your name
  • Fill up all the empty fields
  • Let the installation complete

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to install and download HM whatsapp Apk?

We have already mentioned the latest guidelines for downloading and installing Hm WhatsApp on this page. You just need to choose the link and the rest you will be guided step by step automatically.

Final words

HM WhatsApp APK includes some exorbitant features that are not available in the original WhatsApp version. Despite this particular application not being official, it is the favorite of millions.

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