How to unban number from WhatsApp Plus?

Are you looking forward to troubleshooting your WhatsApp Plus application?

If in case your WhatsApp Plus application is repeatedly crashing or you are not able to send messages to your contacts, the below-mentioned tips can help you to a great extent.

Easy WhatsApp fix that always works

1. Wait

There might be a server or internet connectivity issue. The best would be to wait in such a case so that the problem automatically gets resolved. If in case the problem continues to exist, you can check out other tips available.

2. Internet outage

If you find Nobody Else complaining about WhatsApp not working apart from you, it is definitely your internet connection that is creating a problem.

A better option would be to switch off the Wi-Fi and then play a random video on YouTube and other websites. You can also dedicated posts that let you fix WhatsApp plus not working issues respectively.

3. Clear cache

You can clear the cache memory of the device in order to kill the ongoing background process. This helps in removing the temporary files that the application has stored.

The storage option of the mobile phone has cache memory that needs to be cleared in order to make the application work well. Cache memory hack not only works for WhatsApp Plus but for other applications as well.

4. Reinstallation

You can solve WhatsApp-related problems very easily by reinstalling it once again from our page. Delete the old WhatsApp Plus and download it again to eliminate the problems that are occurring time and again.

5. Switch off VPN

You can hide your online identity using the VPN Service most of the time. Sometimes, this can be a reason why your WhatsApp Plus is not working at all. Try using the application from a normal internet connection and see if it functions properly.

6. Switch off and on your phone

Put your phone in airplane mode or just switch it off and switch it on after a couple of minutes to check if the application starts working again.

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