OG Whatsapp Pro APK Download in 2024 [Anti Ban]

There are seamless amounts of applications being invented on a daily basis and OG Whatsapp is one application that is modded and better than the original one.

It is flooded with the latest features and gives you better user privacy and security in any case.

The completely reliable and free-of-cost application is being installed by millions of people using the monotonous WhatsApp.

This application is a completely new set of entertainment for users.

What is OG Whatsapp Apk?

The clean and crisp interface of the application comes with some great features that attract every gbwhatsapp user out there.

The original WhatsApp lacks so many basic specifications that have been added to the all-new WhatsApp mod that is the favorite of all.

Bid adieu to all the security concerns and check out the latest version of WhatsApp that is easy to download, requires less space, and provides better satisfaction altogether.

OG Whatsapp Apk Information:

Filename:OG Whatsapp
Download File Size:39.3 MB
Space Required to Install:75 MB
Last Updated19 Hours Ago

OG Whatsapp Apk Features:

If anything at all about the original WhatsApp is dissatisfying and annoying you, it’s time to switch to the Very pleasing alternative in the form of OG WhatsApp.

This is one application that you would simply feel like using every day without any glitches and dissatisfaction in mind.

Enjoy message schedule

It is someone’s birthday and you just do not want to miss the occasion. Choose the message scheduler feature that allows you to send the required message on a stipulated time and date.

The only thing needed is an active internet connection. You don’t have to wait till 12 o’clock to wish someone a very happy birthday.

The smart WhatsApp Mod does it for you. You can keep in touch with your friends without disturbing your professional life by constantly setting a message scheduler to keep them in the loop.


The modded application is very reliable and versatile. You can enjoy using the duplicate WhatsApp mod and get rid of anyone banning you and ceasing your account.

The developers have given a lot of attention to this problem and have successfully sorted out things in a very safe and secure way.

Send more than 90 pictures

Want to send pictures in bulk to a contact? Use the unofficial WhatsApp mod and send up to 90 images at once

Rooted status

You can easily download and share the required images from the status of your friend. The Incredible WhatsApp mod removes all the prohibitions that the original application carries.

The original WhatsApp does not allow the users to install the status and upload the same on their Wall. The unofficial WhatsApp is very flexible and allows you to use it the way you want.

Blocking away calls

Want to get rid of a pesky relative? Use the all-new chatting app and block the contact that is constantly disturbing your peace.

Just blocking the call will not put an end to the WhatsApp chat.

This option only turns off the calling option from someone whom you do not want to entertain.

Placing Calls to random numbers

Don’t want to save a random number? There is no compulsion in the WhatsApp Mod because it allows you to chat with the person and make a call even if it is not present in the contact list.

Setup group name with more characters

Group chatting is one of the most versatile features of the latest WhatsApp original. The same feature is present in the WhatsApp Mod but in a better way.

You can put a longer name of the group that can even exceed a total of 35 characters. It is easy to show your creativity and keep funny names of the family groups from now onwards.

Password protect

The application remains password protected which the original WhatsApp application does not offer.

Colorful theme

There are so many colorful themes to give you a nice chatting experience altogether. You can change the appearance of the chat screen every time and make calls to any person without even adding the numbers in the contact list.

Download the status

Simply download the status of someone that is impressing you. The external downloader is a super interesting thing about the latest WhatsApp.

Dual accounts

People cannot use more than one account in the original WhatsApp. Somehow the latest WhatsApp Mod allows you to switch between two accounts to keep everything under control

More Features of OG Whatsapp Apk

The all-new WhatsApp Mod has gone through a lot of modifications to give you a better experience and everything is completely unrestricted.  There are identical license policies and amazing user functionalities to give you plenty of good experiences.

Enjoy sharing your experience with the awesome application that is flooded with pros of many types.

The theme facility of WhatsApp Mod has over 700 themes to choose from. Unlike the original WhatsApp That Kills you in monotony, this one is Definitely going to give you a better experience altogether.

Hiding options

The application delivers users with so many heading options to keep their chats completely private. The privacy of the user is the foremost concern of the WhatsApp mod and the developers have made sure that you can hide your status and chat with the selected options.

Latest file sharing option

You can share files in almost any format and size. You can stretch the overall size of the file up to 50 MB which is not possible in the original WhatsApp.

Which is the best source to download OG WhatsApp?

The best possible source to download the application is our official page which never gives you any spam applications.

Take a backup of whatever you have in the phone and that is what the latest Whatsapp mod is going to have again when installed.

Google Drive will not automatically manage the old chats of WhatsApp in WhatsApp. Therefore you need to manually take a chat backup to avoid any issues later on.

You can also download the OG Whatsapp from ogwhats.cc.

How to Install OG Whatsapp APK

You can finally download and install the OG Whatsapp weather step-by-step guide we have on this page.

  • Launch the link we have included on this page using your mobile browser and deliver it with special access.
  • Choose the installation option and it will take just a couple of minutes for the process to complete
  • Find out the installation icon taking place in a background and you will be happy to know that your WhatsApp mod is being installed to give you a better chatting experience from now onwards

How to take a chat backup in WhatsApp mod?

  • Download and install backup software

Can use any chat backup software as a doctor fone and that will help you to take a backup of all the previous chat very easily.

  • Connect your device

Help your device to get connected with the PC using the original USB cable.  you will be able to identify the chatting application followed by a backup option to save all the data.

  • Take a complete backup

You will be able to take a chat backup by making things easier and helping the process of downloading the WhatsApp mod more fruitful.

  • View backup

You will be able to view everything in the option by clicking on it. Just confirm the existence.


OG Whatsapp is an amazing application that delivers users with so many exciting features. It is unofficial but far better than the original WhatsApp. 

You can install it from a third-party source. You must always choose to have this over the original app.

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