TMWhatsApp APK Download January 2023

TMWhatsApp APK Download

TMWhatsapp APK Download: Here is the latest TMwhatsapp apk, as there have been times when you want to get over with the WhatsApp restrictions. The original application just doesn’t allow any customization and alterations. Luckily, the Mod brings you the best features and is purposely meant to alter the way things existed till date. The customisable WhatsApp alternative has the best ever features for absolutely free. The wide range of features provided in the application are not available in the original application. One can expect Tm whatsapp APK to work with lesser data consumption and storage space. As a simple example, the original GBWhatsApp limits the image sending upto 30 images. The WhatsApp Mod on the other hand extends this limit to unlimited image sending. There is more to it, just keep reading the article ahead.


We have created a whole article to tell you about Tm whatsapp APK so that you get a complete idea about what it actually is. There are sections on this page that clearly describe each feature of the application. Our article will help you know how to use TM WhatsApp and the reason for downloading it.



Filename: TMWhatsapp
File type: APK
Version: v10.02 (January 2023)
Download File Size: 39.6 MB
Space Required to Install: 76 MB
Supported devices: All Android Versions from 8.0+
Root required: No
Last Updated 18 Hours Ago
Supported Languages: More than 36 International Languages like, English (US)

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TMWhatsapp Download





File info –

  • Application version – v7. 70
  • Category – WhatsApp
  • Package name – TM WhatsApp
  • Charges – free

Tm whatsapp comes with a wide range of good features that have been somewhat copied from the original application. In simple words, the same features have been made better so that the users can have an easy control upon the application. Here is what the user’s need to know about the featured application-

  • Complete privacy control

The major concern of every user is regarding privacy. The moment you share your status, it is only the selected contacts who will be able to view things. Also, if you want to avoid seeing the status of certain people, you can just select the mute option.

  • Hiding conversations

Hide away your conversation from the notification area and do not allow anyone to know with whom you have been chatting. Reply contact individually and maintain your privacy with the highest standards possible.

  • Send audios of any limit

The all new WhatsApp Mod allows you to send WhatsApp audio songs and voice records more than 100mb.

  • Image forwarding

You can send upto 100 images at a time Unlike the original WhatsApp that puts a limit of 30 images only. Moreover , the selected pictures can be sent to any number of contacts Unlike the original WhatsApp that allows sending images only to 5 people at a time.

  • Multiple contacts

The only WhatsApp Mod allows you to send messages to as many contacts to as many contacts as you want. A single message can be forwarded to multiple contacts without needing to face the restriction of five users.

  • Customisable theme

The all new WhatsApp brings a customisable themes library so that it can change the background colour or the entire interface without any issues. There is a complete privacy on selecting the customised themes.

  • Automatic reply

The all new WhatsApp Mod has the ability to reply to the received messages on its own. You do not have to take the pain of reverting to every chat individually . This specific feature is very useful for the business concerns who need to maintain good customer relationships.

  • Copying status

Many people have complained about not being able to copy the status in the original WhatsApp. The only method remains is to take a screenshot and then upload the status separately. The modded WhatsApp on the other hand allows you to directly copy whatever text or video someone has uploaded and quickly put the same status without any hassles.

  • Forwarding documents

Tm whatsapp APK Mod allows you to send documents of any number. Imagine sending hundreds of documents to people at the same time. don’t you think that this is a revolutionary application?

  • Long status

You can extend the length of the status of up to 7 minutes instead of just 30 seconds.

  • Long messages

The official Application of WhatsApp does not allow you to set messages of more than 250 characters. The modded application removes this restriction and you can easily set a status having more than 250 characters.

  • Minimal requirement

The minimum requirement for having the application is 4.1 Android operating system and enabling of unknown resources. Make sure that you completely allow the installation of the application to take place.

  • Interface

The application interface is convenient to use and does not need technical skills at all.

How to download and install Tm whatsapp APK latest version?

Downloading the application is very easy and the process is available on this page. For many people who want to download the modded applications, VPN is their savior. Tmwhatsapp APK is officially available in certain countries and you can download them by hiding your identity with the help of VPN.

Tmwhatsapp is one of the most preferable clones of WhatsApp instead of other alternatives. Once you know that this version actually works, you would go to any extent to have this. We have a working link on this page and you can easily use that to fulfill your needs.

Do not waste your time by scrolling on to the Google Play Store because it doesn’t have this application. The modded WhatsApp is not available on the official sources. Please select our page to install the application that works as the next best alternative to the original WhatsApp.

  • Step 1 – launch the official WhatsApp application and choose the settings option
  • Step 2 – Take a manual backup of the available chats so that you have all the data secured
  • step 3 – Install Tm whatsapp apk from our page after enabling the download from unknown resource.
  • Step 4 – allow the storage formation and agree to the terms and condition
  • Step 5 – provide your phone number correctly and verify it with the help of OTP
  • Step 6 – you will be given an option to take a chat backup. Select the option if you want to restore all the previous chats.

The decent modified version of WhatsApp is available in certain countries all over the world. you do not have to run after any other WatsApp alternative once you are introduced with the specific version . comfortably download Tm whatsapp APK and enjoy the most explicit features it has.

Final words

Tmwhatsapp APK being a modded application is not available in the Google Play Store. Many people have complained about not being able to download and install the application because of unavailability of  relevant links. We have come up with a working link to download the application so that everything works smoothly.

Talking about the privacy part, Tmwhatsapp APK does not introduce the users with any sort of issues. It has received very positive feedback from everybody so far.


Is it Secure to download Tm whatsapp APK?

There are zero privacy concerns with the Tmwhatsapp Mod. Everything has been completely checked and then made available.

Why is Tm whatsapp not available on Google Play Store?

The third party mode is a replica of the original application. Google Play Store allows only the original applications to exist and for that reason Tm whatsapp is not present there. you need to specifically choose our page when it comes to installing the application.

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