Whatsapp Plus APK Download 🔥(Anti-Ban) January 2023

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

Whatsapp Plus APK Download: The popular Mod of WhatsApp is very famous and impressive. In this article, we are going to talk about the million-dollar WhatsApp alternative that has better features to keep the users entertained. We have shared all the important Apps related with the application. The users can get to use two different accounts in WhatsApp. They can hide blue ticks and customize the overall appearance according to their choice. Everybody wants variety in their life and WhatsApp Plus is there to give you all that you need. It has some of the great advantages that make it very easy to manipulate the way things existed like gb whatsapp till date.

whatsapp plus apk

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

The powerful mod does not let you face any error at all. you can use your primary and the secondary number together in one device. The latest WhatsApp application lets you add as many participants in one group along with allowing you to change the log design. there is a whole new look that you get to enjoy in this application without any payments.

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WhatsApp Plus APK Download for Android

Filename: Whatsapp Plus
File type: APK
Version: v19.63 (January 2023)
Download File Size: 56.6 MB
Space Required to Install: 85 MB
Supported devices: All Android Versions from 8.0+
Root required: No
Last Updated 12 Hours Ago
Supported Languages: More than 36 International Languages like, English (US)

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WhatsApp Plus Download

whatsapp plus


Features overview of WhatsApp Plus


  • You can hide your online status.
  • You Can hide blue ticks and delivered ticks.
  • You can hide writing status.
  • You can hide your recording status.
  • You can hide the Blue microphone.
  • You can hide your view status.
  • You can Enable and disable anti-revoke.

WhatsApp Plus Settings

  • Sticker packs download from GBPLUS
  • Stickers maker
  • Cleaner
  • You can use Various wallpapers
  • Auto-reply feature is enable
  • You can use lots of themes
  • Use new Widgets
  • Customize conversation screen with cool themes
  • Customizable Widgets
  • Customizable Notification popup
  • Status can be download in this app
  • Video status limit up to 7 minutes
  • New Fonts Are Available
  • Backup feature is available

General settings

  • You can restart WhatsApp Plus
  • Customizable chats
  • DND Mode is available
  • Message Scheduler

How about installation guide of WhatsApp plus Mod ?

People were not aware about the manual installation must carefully read the guide to download WhatsApp plus for Android 2021 version. It is very easy to follow everything after you go through what is written on this page.

● The first step talks about enabling download from unknown resources from the security section so that your device allows download from places apart from Google Play Store.
● You will be taken to a page where the application along with a download option would exist.
● Just click on the download option over there and immediately the file will get installed in your gadget .
● Identify the file in the Storage Area of your mobile phone and it will take a movement for it to appear as a icon on your home screen.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Plus APK

This particular mod of WhatsApp is flooded with features to make the ordinary version better. you will love to use the application that understands your requirements and is ready to give you better privacy and security. WhatsApp plus completely lets the users copy the status of the friends and hide blue ticks. You can easily Auto reply to the text message and also deactivate the typing status that creates a lot of issues most of the time.

● Whole new stickers

Everybody loves sending stickers along with what they write. WhatsApp plus lets you select different cartoon characters expressing all their emotions so that you can have a better chatting experience. you can even customise and create your own sticker pack with the all new WhatsApp Plus APK that is just meant to give you the best ever experience.

● Better interface

Since WhatsApp plus let you get rid of monotony, it automatically give you a lot of satisfaction. there are properly organised chats that help you to view conversations that has been done previously. The amazing tool also lets you select the wallpapers that you like.

● Sharing made super easy

The all new WhatsApp plus does not create any issues when you want to share contents with your friends. First of all there is no limit to the multimedia that is being forwarded and secondly there are easy options to share everything you want. Unbelievably, WhatsApp lets you send videos having a length of up to 100 MB and audios having a size of up to 50 MB at a single shot.

● Auto reply

The Auto reply feature in the all-new WhatsApp is so interesting and super marvelous. it is the best for all the busy people who do not have time to reply instantly. This is indeed the best feature to keep format contacts in touch by replying them immediately.

● Unbeatable customizations

WhatsApp Plus APK lets you customise everything by selecting the cool set of features it has. You can easily edit the header and the main screen of the application to receive notifications the way you want.

● Themes

The uncommon feature of mod is that it lets you choose the themes so that you can customise the overall interface of the WhatsApp application. You can even choose your own colours and put them in the WhatsApp app to appear as a background colour.

● Clutter-free

WhatsApp Plus is absolutely clutter-free and easily customisable. In other words, it lets you delete all the unwanted chats and extras in a blink of an eye. There is a separate cleaner tool that comes attached with the mod application to get rid of extra storage in the mobile phone.

● Exquisite wallpapers

The amazing wallpapers in WhatsApp Plus APK are so impressive that you would pick them up everyday. The endless variety can give you an amazing experience for each contact of yours. Put a different wallpaper for every chat and have a fun time by sending and forwarding screenshots.

● Matchless security

If you think that WhatsApp plus can do harm you, forget it completely. The third-party developers have made sure that you remainprotected anywhere by using the amazing application. it lets you set password If in case there are people who unnecessarily interfere in your mobile phone. Moreover, there are certain inbuilt lock features that provide an extra layer of security. WhatsApp plus never results in any other party reading your text messages. It follows end to end encryption policy which makes sure that only the sender and the receiver knows what messages are being exchanged.

● Laudable fonts and style

The WhatsApp Mod has a complete variety of points that lets you select them all all very quickly and easily. You love put up different shapes find the sizes of text on your mobile screen.

Are there any disadvantages of using WhatsApp Plus?

Absolutely not, WhatsApp Plus is no doubt safe and one of the best not that one can prefer. you definitely fall in love with the application that keeps you away from the fear of getting banned. The primary disadvantage of using any other mod is getting your original WhatsApp application locked. Somehow, WhatsApp plus follows a strict policy which easily lets you escape any sort of unwanted restriction.

WhatsApp plus allows you to use two different accounts all together in just one mobile phone. In other words, you can have a primary number as well as a secondary number both working on a single gadget. There is nothing to bother about the application as long as you go through the terms and conditions and acknowledge them at the same time.

More about WhatsApp Plus for Android

  • Perhaps the best mod for 2021, WhatsApp Plus is a completely customised application that is developed by a Spanish person named rafalete. This is a stable version of the original WhatsApp application that helps you to hide last seen and change the fonts.
  • You can easily update the existing WhatsApp application because of the amazing set of features it has. The new updates are available on our page and the work perfectly on all all varieties of Smart Phones such as xiaomi, Nokia, moto and others.

Specifications in the latest Whatsapp plus 2021

  • The visual themes available in the all new WhatsApp Plus are free to download and can be easily installed from the store. There are a total of 750 different themes having a plenty of colours and features all for you.
  • about varieties of emoji in the WhatsApp + make sure that you get to forward what you exactly feel during the conversation.
  • -you can hide your last seen in the featured WhatsApp Plus application. It does not prohibit you from checking the last scene of your contacts in that case.
  • The Automatic reply feature in the WhatsApp Plus looks after your contacts while you are busy.
  • the latest WhatsApp Plus is completely ban proof and it does not result in WhatsApp stopping to work at any point of time at all.
  • The all-new WatsApp allows you to send file sizes as large as 30 MB at a time.
  • You can create a group of 250 members and send 10 HD photos without compressing their quality.


How do we download and update WhatsApp plus in the Android phone?

Easiest method to keep the application updated and installed in your phone in to choose our page. We always have a working link that lets you easily update and download the application so that you can manage the installation process very easily.

● First of all take a backup of all what you have in the form of WhatsApp data.
● Choose the settings option and it will take just a couple of moments for the backup to complete.
● Remove the original WhatsApp application and open the modded version after downloading the latest update from the page.
● Verify your mobile number and restore all the data along with using your profile picture .

Is it legal to use WhatsApp Plus?

Using the mode is not legal but it works perfectly well just like the original application . it is not secured to use the WhatsApp alternative majority of the time for your personal data. Somehow, you can take a couple of security measures and download the application having a unique set of features for better communication and enjoyment.

How can I unban my number from WhatsApp Plus?

● You can download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus from the internet
● Take a chat backup and let the application install
● Disable the auto update option
● Do not hide ticks

Easy WhatsApp fix that always work

Are you looking forward to troubleshooting your WhatsApp Plus application?

If in case your WhatsApp Plus application is repeatedly crashing or you are not able to send messages to your contacts, the below mentioned tips can help you to a great extent.

● Wait

There might be a server or internet connectivity issue. The best would be to wait in such a case so that the problem automatically gets resolved. If in case the problem continues to exist, you can check out others tips available.

● Internet outage

If you find Nobody Else complaining about WhatsApp not working apart from you, it is definitely your internet connection that is creating a problem. A better option would be to switch off the Wi-Fi and then play a random video on YouTube and other websites. You can also dedicated post that let you fix WhatsApp plus not working issues respectively.

● Clear cache

You can clear the cache memory of the device in order to kill the ongoing background process. This helps in removing the temporary files that the application has stored. The storage option of the mobile phone has cache memory that needs to be cleared in order to make the application work well. Cache memory hack not only works for WhatsApp plus but other applications as well.

● Reinstallation

You can solve WhatsApp related problems very easily by reinstalling it once again from our page. Delete the old WhatsApp Plus and download it again to eliminate the problems that are occurring time and again.

● Switch off VPN

You can hide your online identity using the VPN Service most of the time. Sometimes, this can be a reason why your WhatsApp Plus is not working at all. Try using the application from the normal internet connection and see if it functions properly .

● Switch off and on your phone

Put your phone in airplane mode or just switch it off and switch it on after a couple of minutes to check if the application starts working again.

Final words

We would additionally like to say that WhatsApp plus is very useful for all the people who are tired of using the monotonous WhatsApp, the monotonous WhatsApp application. Sometimes, you might get a message of getting banned, in that case it would be better to delete the modded application and continue using the original one.

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